Learn BSL the best way – from a native sign language user who is qualified and experienced.

We can provide:

Not sure if learning BSL is for you? We offer BSL taster sessions to give you a short introduction to the language.

We offer 5 week ‘Introduction to BSL’ courses that can be taught in your place of work.

With specialist vocabulary, language games and interactive classes, we make learning BSL a fun activity for all ages.

If you haven’t attended a class in a while or just want a refresher session, we can help.

Perhaps you want to polish up your skills before an exam, or you have a specific area that you’d like tuition on. You may be a parent or family member of a deaf child and want to improve your communication skills.  These tutorials can also be helpful to adults or children with specific learning needs. Our tutors are experienced in teaching at all levels, and we can meet you in a venue that is suitable for you, or you can attend our training venue in Glasgow City Centre.

We offer workshops on the Linguistics of BSL, contact us for more details.

We regularly hold Continued Professional Development(CPD) sessions for language professionals who require to provide their registration body with evidence of their CPD. Contact us to see what we have coming up.

If you want to gain skills in communicating with Deaf blind people who use a tactile form of BSL, we offer training in ‘Hands-On’ BSL.

Do you want a BSL course that is specifically tailored to your area of work, or do you have a particular domain you want to learn BSL for? Contact us for a unique course created especially for your requirements.

Our tutor is experienced in teaching SQA, Signature and iBSL courses at all levels. Contact us for more details on joining one of these courses.